Mariano Concepts #MSMM-350/TBC Tel Boom Combo
Music Stand Mic Mount #MSMM-350

How do you attach a microphone to a music stand? 


The Music Stand Mic Attachment
To attach a microphone to a music stand stand, a microphone attachment is needed. 
Music Stand Microphone Mount #MSMM-350 is designed to combine your microphone and music stand.
This adaptor eliminates the need for a microphone stand. One less piece of equipment to load on your cart.   

If you are a guitarist and performs with a microphone and music stand and find that it is sometimes difficult setting up on a small stage this adaptor will solve the problem. Simply attach mic adaptor with a gooseneck or mini boom to the music stand. Easily attaches on top or bottom of the music stand desk. Height and angle adjustments are easy to make and easy to set up.

Are you are keyboardist who also sings and finds it a royal pain to set up your microphone boom stand, adjacent to your music stand? This is especially a problem in the confined spaces, like many clubs, bars, and restaurants? Many times you have to set up on the side of the dance floor and worry about a dancer knocking over your microphone boom. 

Turn your existing music stand into a double duty mic/music stand.

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We stock connector clamps for a single and twin microphone attachments, and On-Stage gear goosenecks, booms, microphone clips, etc.

Combo packs are also available with On-Stage telescopic mini boom 9-16"and 13" goosenecks.



Music Stand Mic Attachment

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What Musicans Had to Say...

Great product - I've bought almost ten of them so each stop I make as a worship leader,
I recommend them - very effective and it's one less piece of clutter on the platform! 

Jeff, San Francisco, CA


Exceptional product. It has solved a space issue for our church. Your service and response is outstanding. 
Donald, Amherst, NY


I give this company a five-star rating. Extremely professional and helpful with knowledge of musical equipment and accessories.
Very satisfied with service and promptness of delivery. I would recommend to anyone.

 Peter, Windemere, FL


I can highly recommend Mariano Concepts and Anne Marie in customer service.
I had to return the double mount for two singles, and service was always prompt and friendly during this process.
The mounts are high-quality and fairly prices--and there's nothing else like them out there!

Dan, Savoy, IL



Music Stand Mic Attachment