MSMM-350/DUO Mic Mount Music Stand Adapter Clamp
Twin Mic Mount #MSMM-350/DUO
Dual Mic Attachment #MSMM-350/DUO

The MSMM-350/DUO Mic Mount above is shown with a mini-boom, gooseneck, mic, music stand (not included).
No more lugging around two microphone stands with booms, less equipment to load on your cart! 
A must for musicians using a music stand and two microphone stands while performing.
The MSMM-350/DUO quickly and securely attaches to metal music stands.


Music Stand Mic Mount  (MSMM-350/DUO) 

Constructed of heavy-duty 1/8” aluminum 
 Thumb screw for attachment to a music stand
 Mount fits industry-standard 5/8”- 27 threads
 Two 5/8” lock rings included
 Black finish


Excellent for guitar and vocals
The accessory that should be in every musician's gear bag!


MSMM-350/DUO Music Stand Microphone Mount 


Reg $24.95  Sale $22.95 on eBay


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For vocalists/guitarists/keyboardists & more!
Designed by a musician for musicians.
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NOTE: The #MSMM-350/DUO was not designed to be mounted on wire style music stands.


What Our Musicians Had To Say...


A quality made product that I would recommend.
Jim, N.J


Well made, reasonably priced.
Mike, Marco Island, FL


I was very impressed with how quickly my order was filled and shipped. 
The clamp is very sturdy, well-designed with good quality materials. 
Thank you very much.
Candice, Hagerstown, MD


Speedy delivery! Thanks for that. Product works great and is easy to use with my music stand. When my friends at the local jams see it, I'm sure you'll get more orders for it.
Dennis, Neosho, MO


MSMM-350/DUO for acoustic guitar 

MSMM-350/DUO for vocal & guitar

MSMM-350/DUO Mic Mount

Music Stand Microphone Mount