MSMM-350/GC Gooseneck Combo

MSMM-350/Gooseneck Combo Pack

Above photo shows the MSMM-350/Gooseneck Combo Pack  with a microphone and music stand (not included).
How many times have you bumped into your mic stand w/boom while on stage, and wished you had a way to combine your sheet music stand with your mic stand?
The MSMM-350/GC quickly and securely attaches to metal music stands. This solid little gadget eliminates the need for a mic stand w/boom. 
The Music Stand MSMM-350/GC (Gooseneck Combo) allows you to attach a mic below or above the sheet music for easy viewing.
No more lugging around a microphone stand, one less piece of equipment to load on your cart! 
A must for musicians using a music stand and microphone while performing.

Gooseneck Combo Pack Includes:

#MSMM-350 Music Stand Microphone Mount
#MSA9030-13B On-Stage 13" Gooseneck (Black)
#MY250 On-Stage Euro-Style Mic Clip


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For vocalists/guitarists/keyboardists & more!
Designed by a musician for musicians.
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NOTE: The #MSMM-350/GC was not designed to be mounted on wire style music stands.


What Our Musicians Had To Say...

I like the newly purchased Gooseneck Combo Pack I recently ordered and fits my needs. 
The adjustable gooseneck is great for either standing or sitting in a chair. 
I would recommend this product as a worthwhile product for guitar playing musicians. 
David, Mountain City, TN


Exactly what I needed great idea!
Frank, Plano, TX

I wanted a specific product to suit my needs and found it here. The stand is firm and secure yet adjustable, 
easily set up in a mobile situation and used with effect at my own wedding reception.
Bill, Belleville, WI


What a great addition to my music gear. 
This mic stand that attaches to my music stand is so compact that it saves on hauling bulky gear to our gigs. It really worked well!!
Keith, Minooka, IL


Great Product, I have been using it on all my gigs and have seen some of my fellow musicians use it as well.
Al, Cape Coral, FL