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Mariano Concepts MSMM-350/GC Gooseneck Combo


What Our Musician's Had To Say…

Great product - I've bought almost ten of them so each stop I make as a worship leader,

I recommend them - very effective and it's one less piece of clutter on the platform! 

Jeff, San Francisco, CA


Exceptional product. It has solved a space issue for our church. Your service and response is outstanding. 
Donald, Amherst, NY


I give this company a five-star rating. Extremely professional and helpful with knowledge of musical equipment and accessories.

Very satisfied with service and promptness of delivery. I would recommend to anyone.

 Peter, Windemere, FL


I can highly recommend Mariano Concepts and Anne Marie in customer service.

I had to return the double mount for two singles, and service was always prompt and friendly during this process.

The mounts are high-quality and fairly prices--and there's nothing else like them out there!


Dan, Savoy, IL



Works well, does the job for what it’s intended for. Thanks

Benjamin, Salisbury, MD


Thanks for the excellent service and great product guys!  Arrived just in time.  

It's going to work very well for me, especially in a crowded stage.  Saves having to haul the mike stand and boom.  

I'm passing on the word to my musician friends. 
Best wishes for continued success!

Maria, Kissimmee, FL


I have bought your music stand mount!
Love it!

Jeff, San Francisco, CA

Great service. Ordered the mount Saturday, realized I ordered Chrome when I wanted Black so I sent an email.

Got an immediate response changing the order. It was delivered Monday.

Michael, Shreveport, LA


The mount I purchased is wonderful. It gives me a lot of flexibility in being able to sing while playing my bass guitar.

It really reduces my footprint on the platform.

Thank You.

Victor, Canton, IL 


Service was great and the product arrived in a timely manner. As for the product, it was what I was looking for to

eliminate using a full mic stand. I got the mini boom as I am 6' and wanted it to give me additional height options. 

Gary, Harriston ON, Canada


I received the music stand microphone mount very quickly after it was ordered, and it is exactly what I needed for my studio and performances.


R.Duane, Calgary, Canada


This is a quality product and it works great.

Byron, Carbondale, IL


I like the newly purchased Gooseneck Combo Pack I recently ordered and fits my needs.

The adjustable gooseneck is great for either standing or sitting in a chair.

I would recommend this product as a worthwhile product for guitar playing musicians. 

David, Mountain City, TN 


I decided to wait awhile (3 months) to put this mount to the test before giving my opinion.

I have done 8 live performances, 3 recording sessions and 7 rehearsals with my band, using the "MSMM-350 Music Stand Microphone Mount".

I sit when I perform and the MSMM-350 is perfect for this! Once it's firmly attached to the bottom lip of my Music Stand, it stays put!

It's perfect when using the "On-Stage 13" Mini Boom". One of the main reasons I wanted/needed this, is because it takes up far less of a footprint 
on stage and in the studio! With the "On-Stage 13" Mini Boom" attached, it can be adjusted to a comfortable position to make viewing your sheet music

without the mic obstructing that view! If you are a musician, this is a MUST HAVE!

If I ever lost this product I would buy another immediately! It's that good! 

Jeffrey, Henrico, VA


Glad you liked the pics. Have found the mounts very useful when we rehearse.



Mini Boom combo pac - I found this on line by accident. Exactly what I needed.

I was able to eliminate using a separate mike and music stand. Less clutter.

Great concept.

Ronald, Houma, LA 


Speedy delivery! Thanks for that. Product works great and is easy to use with my music stand. When my friends at the local jams see it, I'm sure you'll get more orders for it.

Dennis, Neosho, MO
I was very impressed with how quickly my order was filled and shipped. 
The clamp is very sturdy, well-designed with good quality materials. 
Thank you very much.

Candice, Hagerstown, MD

What a great idea you all came up with! It is working very well for me.
I use it to attach a Shure 57 to mike my ukulele! 
Keep up the good work.
Kay, Tucson, AZ

very fast service ..I will order again thank you 

Joey, Waynesboro, VA

Excellent!!! Perfect delivery time...
Ivelisse, San Juan, PR
hi . since i leave in Grenada [carribean ] i just receive it . everyrhing is in order . iam sooooo please with it !!! one less piece of equipment to carry ! [ mic stand ] and is right in front of you ! easy access to lyrics and scores !! i personally love it !!! best buy of the year !! ill send you pic or video soon !!! thank you !! beautifull idea !!! take care !!
Nicola, Grenada
I wanted a specific product to suit my needs and found it here. The stand is firm and secure yet adjustable, 
easily set up in a mobile situation and used with effect at my own wedding reception.
Bill, Belleville, WI
What a great addition to my music gear. 
This mic stand that attaches to my music stand is so compact that it saves on hauling bulky gear to our gigs. It really worked well!!
Keith, Minooka, IL
Great Product, I have been using it on all my gigs and have seen some of my fellow musicians use it as well.
Al, Cape Coral, FL 

You guys are the best…I love your stuff and your customer service is excellent!  I tell all the musicians I know about your equipment!
As a worship leader, this is perfect - reduces clutter - cleans up the platform and functions exactly as designed...properly configured, I can be just far enough away from the stand to move freely. I bought two and a third for a friend's studio! 
Jeff Finger, Worship Leader, Dolores Park Church 
San Francisco, CA
THANKS!  You are terrific!
Jas, Portland, OR 
I have one of these and like it, use it. I don't have to carry my mic stand which I like. The flexible boom is barely strong enough to hold up its position but it does. I would like the boom to be longer but then it would not hold up the mic. If you are willing to work close to the mic stand with your guitar and vocals and are sitting, then this might be a great tool.
UPDATE...I just received, at no charge, the stronger longer flex gooseneck that these nice folks sell. It is top quality, strong yet still flexible enough, and attaches right to this music stand mount. Its a great tool to have if you want to get rid of your mic stand and go light and simple. I love it. Its long enough to reach my voice, mouth, and with this mount, their can be two goosenecks, one for guitar and this one for vocal. Very nice set up and easy to gig with. Highly recommended.
Doug, Bend, OR
A quality made product that I would recommend.
Jim, N.J.
Very good price and great customer service. I purchased the telescopic mic holder and the bracket. Be advised that they are fairly heavy. My music stand is made of plastic and while it works well, I think, as a system, it's too heavy for my music stand. I have other stands that it will fit on so I'm still happy with the purchase. Thanks. 

Phil, Boston, MA 


Thank you Mariano Concepts for your outstanding and prompt service.
Joseph, Bonita Springs, FL
Music stand-like it-use it twice a month
David, Warren, OH
A great idea to help eliminate extra equipment on stage. 
The only company I know of  that makes such a handy gadget. 
Kent, Burlington, IA
Exactly what I needed great idea!
Frank, Plano, TX
Great Product!
Vinny, N.Y.

I strongly recommend this one if you perform with a mic stand and a music stand.
Linda, CA
I bought one arrived today along with a 13" gooseneck from GC. Works great. Seems sturdy enough. Less clutter. 
Definitely recommend it if you use a music stand. 
Punchy, Acoustic Guitar Forum
The Music Stand Microphone Mount works great, although I finally figured out that it's better to attach it to the top of a music stand vs. the music holding portion.
Eric, Highlands Ranch, CO
Just got my music stand mic mount in the mail yesterday ... I chose to add a 13" gooseneck and I must say that I am extremely pleased! No more lugging my cumbersome boom mic stand around and I actually have a nice direct line of sight to my music now. 
Great product!
Here is a  youtube  of me using your product while performing at an outdoor venue in Apex, NC a couple of weeks ago.
It worked wonderfully.
Judson, Apex, NC
I bought one as well. I normally don't use a music stand, but have a tiny thing that clips to my mic stand for note cards when needed. My band has a HUGE song list because we play different genres depending on the gig. 
Last weekend we played at a fancy country club and played some songs that were too involved to put on note cards and haven't played enough to memorize them (bass player had to look at my music stand for one of the tunes as well). So, I actually had a small notebook with charts for a couple of tunes and attached my mic via a boom to the top of my music stand with this device. Worked great. I'm playing an acoustic duo gig tonight and again, huge song list and on the odd chance I have to sing a lot of tunes, I have my book and will use the stand and boom again.
David, Dublin, Ohio

Hi AnneMarie, (customer service)
I noticed at the PayPal checkout that there was no shipping charge but just assumed that it was part of your promotion.
It is very professional of you to waive the fee because of a possible software error at your end.
I will be happy to send you the cost of the shipping if you can let me know how much.
Thanks ever so much.
I've used my Music Stand Mic Mount at a couple of gigs and a few practices now and I really like it. It is compact, easy to set up and take down and versatile. It sure beats having the mic and music stands fighting with each other. :)
George, Rodney, Ontario, Canada 
Thanks - the stand is great, and the delivery was prompt.
Richard, Lawrence, KS
Great product! Reduces clutter of having to have a mic stand and a music stand. Just ordered 4 more for friends at a weekly jam session.
Don, Beaumont, TX
Thanks so much for the replacement Music Stand Mic Mount.  I'm VERY impressed with your customer service!  
As I previously stated, I use mine at every gig and consider it an essential piece of equipment.  
Thanks so much.  I'm a customer for life!
Tom, Rio Rancho, NM
This is a great idea. The mic mount and gooseneck fits in my gig bag. I no longer have to lug around a mic stand and boom.
Jeff, Warren, OH 
This solid little gadget eliminates the need for a mic stand. 
Made of heavy duty aluminum, it allows you to mount a mic below the sheet music for easy viewing. 
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By Mitch Finley
Thanks for designing this. I have been using a clamp adapter and gooseneck for years to accomplish this same thing. I had considered designing something like this. In the end, I just want to use thanks! I am shocked that it hasn't been done sooner, frankly, since it is superior to having separate stands.
Matt, Corvallis, OR
(Email to customer service)
Hello. Thank you!  I am actually in the UK (but originally from the US) and have ordered these to be used in a show in musical in London.  Jessica is a college friend who helps me ship things over from the states when we can't get them here.... your product being one of them!  :-)  I found you via a google search as I was looking for a way to make a music stand with light and microphone easy to move on and off stage, and naturally it would be much easier if it was just one piece! I wasn't sure if something like this even existed, so was very pleased to find you guys!  

It's actually a very interesting concept and could be very useful in the theater world!  Orchestra pits tend to be quite small (especially in older theaters) and it's always difficult to get all the orchestra members, chairs, music stands, mic stands. etc in the pit in the correct arrangement so being able to not use the mic stands would, in theory, be amazing!  Personally I do props for the shows, but will keep this in mind the next time the sound guys are struggling to set the pit up! 

Thank you again for taking care of this so quickly!  I really appreciate it! 
Mary, UK
(Email to customer service)
Thank you AnneMarie for your excellent customer service.
Sal, San Jose, CA
Very happy with the combo pack. Absolutely met my expectations. 
It's a little heavy for a fold-up "student" style music stand but I've rigged a bit of a reinforcement and it works like a charm. 
I highly recommend it.
Also, customer service was great. 
I accidentally ordered the unit in chrome and Customer Service was able to catch it the next day and change it to black. Very helpful.
Dick, Boulder, CO


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